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Conformity Assessment of Goods to be Exported to Egypt:



Authority: General Organization for Export and Import Control (GOEIC).
Regulations: Ministerial decrees No. 961\2012 of Ministry of Trade and Industry
Ministerial decrees No. 991\2015 of Ministry of Trade and Industry
Ministerial decrees No. 992\2015 of Ministry of Trade and Industry
Ministerial decrees No. 43\2016 of Ministry of Trade and Industry
Starting date : May.2012
Appointed company(ies) : TÜV AUSTRIA, and other companies appointed by GOEIC
Scope of the regulation: Conformity assessment of goods exported to Egypt
Assessment based on: - Documentary review
- Control testing if any
- Physical inspection
- Conclusion of the assessment
Minimum value subject to the program: All shipments values are subject
Registration at GOEIC: Factories, Manufacturers or Trademark Owners of regulated products must register with Egypt’s General Organization of Export and Import Control (GOEIC) by 15th March 2016 to continue to export to Egypt.
Exporters can process registrations themselves or alternatively, TÜV AUSTRIA can assist exporter with the registration. All documents to be submitted to TÜV AUSTRIA to review and assist with submission to GOEIC, together with the Authorization form. The GOEIC forms to be completed are available upon request.





Regulated products: - Food and foodstuff
- Cosmetics and Hygiene
- Construction products
- Kitchenware
- Electrical and electronic products
- Furniture and personal accessories
- Automotive and transportation
- Toys
- Clothing and textile

Please refer to the decree of minister of Trade and Industry No. 43 of year 2016, for more details.

Second-hand goods: Not allowed;
Counterfeited goods: Not allowed;
Prohibited goods: Annex 1 of Egyptian decree No. 770/2005 and its amendments





Testing: Test reports must be from laboratories accredited in ISO 17025 by an ILAC member
Standards: - Egyptian Obligatory/Non-Obligatory standards
- International standards;
Labeling: Labels, markings and instructions shall be legible, well stuck, and not easy to remove, unless otherwise specified in the applicable standard or national deviations
Documents: To be submitted before Inspection:
- Proforma
- Valid test report
To be submitted after inspection:
- Final Invoice




To be quoted at the time of nomination.

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