Authority: Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization.
Regulations: Ministers Decree Nº.213 of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry
Ministers Decree Nº6386 of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry
Starting date : December 2013
Appointed company(ies) : TÜV AUSTRIA, and other companies appointed by Kingdom of Saudi Arabia governmental authorities
Scope of the regulation: Conformity assessment of goods exported to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Assessment based on:

- Documentary review

- Control testing if any

- Physical inspection

- Conclusion of the assessment

Minimum value subject to the program: All shipments values are subject
Registration at Customs: All exporters and importers must be registered at the Saudi Customs in order to import any product to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Exporters and importers can process registrations themselves through the customs of Saudi Arabia from the below link:





Regulated products: ALL consumer goods exported to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia must be accompanied by a Certificate of Conformity (CoC) issued by an authorized company, except the following:

- Imports of the Diplomatic Corps, consulates, international organizations and
members of the diplomatic and consular corps accredited by the government
- Imports for all sectors of the military forces, such as ammunitions, arms, equipment, military means of transport and parts thereof, and any other materials
- Imports of the Philanthropic Societies “Charities”
- Food and agricultural products
- Medicine, Medical devices and equipment
- Crude oil

Second-hand goods: Not allowed; unless they are refurbished spare parts such as transmission, outer body of the cars, differential, machine/engine
Counterfeited goods: Not allowed
Banned Goods: Please refer to the below link from the Saudi Customs:
Prohibited goods: Please refer to the below link from the Saudi Customs:

No Israeli commodities or products of whatever kinds shall be imported into the Kingdom. Goods and commodities made in Israel or in which any percentage of the products of Israel enters whatever such products may be, shall be considered Israeli whether such goods and commodities come directly or indirectly from Israel.

High Risk Products: - Sockets, plugs and adaptor (HS code: 85366910-85366990)
- Electrical extension cords (HS code: 85444210-85444220)
- Mobile chargers (HS code: 85437090)
- Hair dryers (HS code: 85163100)
- Car spare Parts (Brake Pads, Brake disc, Filters, Shock Absorber, Driveshaft and Glass)
- Electrical water heaters (HS code: 85161000)
- Heating appliance (Electric heaters) (HS code: 85162910)
- Car tires (HS code: 40111000)
- Children toys (HS code: 9503)





Testing : Test reports must be from laboratories accredited in ISO 17025 by an ILAC member
Standards :

- SASO standards
- Technical Regulations issued and enforced in Saudi Arabia
- GSO (Standardization Organization for GCC)

- İnternational standards; ISO, IEC

Labeling : Labels, markings and instructions shall be legible, well stuck, and not easy to remove, unless otherwise specified in the applicable standard or national deviations
Documents :

To be submitted :
- Invoice

- Packing List

- Valid test report

- LC; if available

- Photos (including product photo, marking, package photo)



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