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Wind Power Field Service:Wind Power Field Service

 TÜV Austria Wind Power Field Service



TÜV Austria provides extensive and important third-party quality, technical and safety services for wind power industry design, wind turbine manufacturers, large parts manufacturing, spare parts and raw materials suppliers, owners, developers, operators, insurance companies, banks and other customers.


By professional and impartial third party inspection for total life cycle, to help client understand and verify whether the wind turbine meet the design and production requirements, large parts of the key operation using status and quality, the early discovery of unit existing problem and the hidden danger, furtherly provide failure analysis and preventive maintenance recommendations. This can be used not only as the objective basis for customers to understand the situation and performance of the turbine, but also can be used as an important basis for the customer to carry out technical optimization, to exclude security risks.


Laboratory tests, turbine tower supervision, blades supervision , nacelle supervision, on-site installation quality inspection, wind turbine commissioning quality inspection and 240H acceptance, the end of warranty inspection ,in-service inspection and wind turbine retired service evaluation.



Inspection and testing of wind turbine units by TÜV-Austria experienced and professional engineers with specific testing equipment. A formal report will be submitted to customers with wind turbine inspection and test results.


Total life cycle service
 Project investigation stage
 Initial design phase
 Wind farm selection phase
 Equipment manufacturing phase
 Equipment installation phase
 Equipment commissioning phase
 The operation phase (including out of warranty, retirement period assessment)






   Project investigation stage

   Technical due diligence
   Consulting and project management

     Initial design phase
 Contract engineer
 Bidding support and consultation
 Project management
     Wind farm selection phase
 Contract Engineer
 Technical consultant
 HSE and consulting
 Project management
    Equipment manufacturing phase
 Manufacturing quality review
 Laboratory material testing
 manufacture supervision
 Project management



Equipment installation phase
 Installation supervisor
 Process supervision
 Safety control
 Technical support
     Equipment commissioning phase
 Commissioning survey
 Safety function testing
 240H acceptance

     

  The operation phase (including end of warranty, retirement period assessment)
 Wind turbine structure safety inspection
 The major components - Reliability Assessment
 The control system reliability testing
 The lightning system detection and evaluation
 Blades inspection and life evaluation
 Analysis of the lubricating oil / grease detection
 Wind turbine power curve verification and evaluation
 Wind turbine power quality assessment
 The wind turbine generator noise testing
 The wind turbine operation state evaluation
 Failure analysis
 Contract engineer
 The end of warranty inspection
 Retirement evaluation





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