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Eletrical eng., explosion protection :


Testing, inspection and certification in the fields of:

>>Electrical high and low voltage installations
>>Explosion protection, classification of ATEX zones, occupational health and safety in ATEX environment, ATEX Notified Body
>>Lightning protection, equipotential bonding, EMC-influence, earthing
>>Equipment safety, type and routine test, functional value test
>>Safety measures with process control systems, safety integrity level verification (SIL)
>>Electrical equipment of machines
>>Fire detection systems, sprinkler systems, fire incident controls
>>Plant thermography, preventive maintenance, cathodic corrosion protection
>>Rendering of system requirements concerning safety regulation
>>Conformity assessments (CE-marking) according low voltage-directive, ATEX-directive
>>Training for qualified high-voltage electrical workers
>>Certification of ecological generation of electricity and bio gas
>>Audits and certifications of photovoltaic systems