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Pressure equipment:

Pressure vessels, boiler and piping can be of great danger. Numerous explosions of steam boilers with often disastrous consequences in the 19th century led to the foundation of our company. TÜV Austria has been dealing with safety criteria within the steam and pressure technology for more than 140 years.

General safety as well as suitability and profitability are of major importance for our customers. Due to the risks and the complexity of the subject there is need for a strong partner with extensive practical experience. Apart from being competent in the field of steam generating pressure vessel, gas-, pressure-, and heating technology as well as material and welding technology, we have gained know-how concerning the transport of gases and inflammable liquids.

Our employees are familiar with all relevant standards and regulations and have wide-spread knowledge due to permanent international contacts. This enormous potential as well as our national and international accreditations guarantees the best support for our customers according to our key principle:

Trust is good. TÜV is better.

Our service

>> Testing, inspection and certification of new pressure equipment (conformity assessment procedures – CE – marking)
>> Testing after repairs and modifications
>> Inspections during manufacture and erection
>> Periodic inspection of pressure equipment
>> Qualification of manufacturers and cylinder filling stations
>> Safety and Operational reliability studies (HAZOP etc.)
>> Welder approval according to ISO 9606 and welding shop approvals
>> Certification of manufacturers of structures according EN 1090-1 to 3
>> Welding procedure qualification test
>> Design approvals
>> Qualification of material manufacturers
>> Material tests
>> Non-destructive examinations
>>life cycle inspections for boiler and chemical plants

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